CEO Statement

AFEC top management, the CEO in particular, is pursuing a global and green policy, total optimization and customization. Benefiting from some remarkable pool of technical know-how, as incorporated within this innovatively structured organization, AFEC has thrived, positively and flexibly, to maintain a respective and responsive approach toward its partners, clients and customers in Oil & Gas automation industries and technologies in addressing each project demands exclusively through providing update knowledge and technology transfer, creative solutions as well as facilitating effective consultations from internationally well founded companies, partners, manufacturers and field experts.

About Arsa Farayand Eng. Co.

With more than 15 years of growing presence in Iran Oil & Gas automation industries, ARSA Farayand Engineering Company -AFEC (private and limited) utilizes powerful engineering expertise thanks to its leading capacities in implementing the automation projects at both local and regional levels. To date, AFEC has progressed becoming a pioneering trustee for various industrial automation sectors in the fields of Control systems, Electrical systems, Fire & Gas systems as well as field instruments in Iran Oil & Gas industries.

AFEC takes pride in executing an organized integration and application of all the best practices, approved principals and technical standards, well-known in the business, and in accordance with international engineering & technical standards for project consultation, integration, implementation, and maintenance and/or after sales services, in this competitively specialized industry. Owing to strong backbone of advanced principles, AFEC is also capable of offering its hi-tech services and automation modules individually or according to EPC format.

AFEC profile could be downloaded here.

  • Strategy


    To focus on hi-tech quality system controls and global cooperation
  • Mission


    To transform AFEC into an internationally trusted partner
  • Vision


    To help promote and upgrade Iran Oil & Gas industrial automation systems and approaches to undertake both local and regional endeavors
  • Values


    Green technologies
    Client & customer focus
    Innovation & Excellency
  • 1

Engineering competence - Persistence - Trust

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